About Us

iFel Consulting was established as Online Business Consulting Company based in Philippines. We have been operating since June 2016 as Online Business Solutions Consultant and originally specializes in providing technology solutions to best help small and medium enterprises or entrepreneurs. Our main focus is in Online Business Solutions as we offer services like Web Design, Web Hosting, Online Business Coaching and Master Class.


To provide superior support and top-of-the-line Online Business Solutions in order to help entrepreneurs create an outstanding Online Business and most importantly achieving your goals in improving bottom line results and to sustain the competitive advantage.


To put convenience in the center of entrepreneurship by providing them a step by step guidance, coaching and through easy-to-access and sufficient Online Business Tools to become successful in starting an Online Business WITHOUT Being Techie and WITHOUT Any Previous Experience.

About The Founder

Fel Noval

Online Business Entrepreneur, Author

Fel Noval is the founder of iFel Consulting. He is a full-time corporate employee, husband and father. He is a part-time business owner, part-time digital marketer, author and entrepreneur.

His Entrepreneurial Journey started in 2015, when he promised to his self that those years of being struggle financially, he had encountered will never ever happen again.

His family struggle financially for almost 8 years, leaving almost no money for them to survive in their daily needs.

They have No Savings, No Extra Money and Lots of Debts throughout the span of 8 years since 2007 to 2015.

Her wife was forced to work as a part time ESL Teacher to at least earn a little extra to help their expenses.

He saw and feel his wife struggle, he feels very frustrated, stressed because it’s not the life that he promise to her wife.

He did a lot of mistake and always feel restless and discontented, but he has no choice but to accept the reality.

Remembering those days was a nightmare for him.

For 8 years of being struggle financially, he has nothing else to do but to find another job because he doesn’t have any other skills.

He doesn’t have any ideas about business. He doesn’t know how he could start. He is clueless.

..and right after he get a job at that same year 2015, that's when he decided to earn money on the side.

He started acquiring and developing other new skills that help him generate additional income while keeping his 8-5 job.

He found his passion in Online Business which leads him to a lot of opportunity to grow his money and slowly building his family's financial confidence.

He has no business and finance or economic background...

He just had a Burning Desire to learn a new high-income skills that would create a Lucrative business based on a passion he love.

His success path was long and challenging, and he could never find anyone truthful to help him...

Resourcefulness has been the Top-Secret key to his success...

Everything has changed when he started his Own Online Business. It was a life changing opportunity for him that he could never imagine.

He is now helping and inspiring his fellow employees to also acquire their income generating skills that will help them earn money on the side while still being a corporate employee.

He wants to share his journey and inspire others, that even a typical employee can do succeed and create their own wealth too even if they don't have a background or zero knowledge about online business.

All they need is to start taking action. He believes that Being financially independent, is one way to achieve complete freedom outside the cubicle world.

He learned that life is about converting all the challenges, the pains, the struggles into something positive.

Now, it's about time to start yours with his guidance.