About Us

iFel Consulting was established as Online Business Consulting Company based in Philippines. We have been operating since January 2013 as Online Business Solutions Consultant and originally specializes in providing technology solutions to best help small and medium enterprises or entrepreneurs. Our main focus is in Online Business Solutions as we offer services like Web Design, Web Hosting, Online Business Coaching and Master Class.


To provide superior support and top-of-the-line Online Business Solutions in order to help entrepreneurs create an outstanding Online Business and most importantly achieving your goals in improving bottom line results and to sustain the competitive advantage.


To put convenience in the center of entrepreneurship by providing them a step by step guidance, coaching and through easy-to-access and sufficient Online Business Tools to become successful in starting an Online Business WITHOUT Being Techie and WITHOUT Any Previous Experience.   

About The Founder

iFelConsulting.com is a product of iFel Consulting, a duly registered business. iFel Consulting is a membership website created and built by Fel Noval, an IT Consultant and Online Entrepreneur.

iFel Consulting helps entrepreneurs build their website and sell digital products such as eBooks, software, video courses, audio books, etc.

iFel Consulting is NOT a network marketing company. It is also NOT an investment company. It solely provides knowledge, training materials, website tools needed to build an Online Business. It also guides its members with proper best practices tools.