Earnings and Income Disclaimers For Refunds

If by any means you thought that our products, services, programs, software, eBooks can make you rich overnight, we regret to inform you that this reason is not valid for any type of refund. We have strict policies on "Get Rich Quick Schemes" and we don’t believe in them. We only believe in hard work, perseverance, adding value, building a real and professional career, and serving others with excellence and constancy.

Our digital products are intended to help you with your passions and share your knowledge to a greater audience using the internet and to make a difference in the world while growing your business.

Our digital products take a lot of work to create and to implement. It will take some discipline just like any worthwhile endeavor or professional continuing education program.

Please don’t buy, subscribe or enroll in our digital products if you believe in the “money for nothing get rich quick” myth or ideology; we only want serious people dedicated to real professional development who want to add value and move humanity forward.

As stipulated by international laws, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies.

We don’t know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? We just want to help by giving great content, direction, and strategies.

Our results and the results of our customers, subscribers and/or members are always different from person to person.

Membership Agreement For Online Business Secrets Toolkit (OBST) Membership

Online Business Secrets Toolkit (OBST) Members agree to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, contained in this website. It is the members duty to read and understand these terms, conditions, and policies to the best of their ability. If no questions are raised regarding these, it is agreed upon that the members have no objections to these terms, conditions and policies.

Online Business Secrets Toolkit (OBST) Members are given access to the member's area for 1 year duration of their membership.

Note: Payments done using PayPal or Credit Cards are automatically enrolled as a subscription. Yearly membership will be automatically charged through PayPal / Credit Card unless cancelled by the member prior to the expiration of their membership.


* Online Business Secrets Toolkit (OBST) Refunds

The Online Business Secrets Toolkit (OBST) currently offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee provided you can show us you have done the modules. The refund is only valid for Payments done via PayPal, Credit Card, Coins.ph, GCash, Bank Online Transfer.

We will require you to submit an application form for refund.

To Download The Application Form: Click Here

Online Business Secrets Toolkit (OBST) has a strict refund policy because it is a digital product that can be downloaded, copied and pirated. The refunds are NOT given to people with a “Try Before You Buy” or Get-Rich-Quick Mentality.

We do not know your circumstances. We do not know your schedule or your lifestyle. We do our best to provide you with what we promised.

Excuses such as "I have a headache", "I'm too old" or "I can't do this anymore because I'm sick" are not valid excuses because we don't know who you are or your circumstance when you bought our products. You were in the right-mind when you purchased our products.

Make sure you have read our sales pages, frequently asked questions (FAQs) below each sales page to make sure you understand them.

It is your responsibility to read them because we cannot force you to read and understand what is written on the sales page. We have given all the information necessary for you to have an idea and what to expect.

There is a presumption that you are an adult with a sound mind, capacity to discern and basic knowledge on how to use a computer such as opening a browser and reading emails. We do not know your circumstance, social or economic status, and/or environment.

We will only refund within 30 Days in cases where our product is defective or not functioning as provided.

* Online Business Secrets Playbook Refunds

The Online Business Secrets Playbook has a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee provided that the buyer / member / customer can show proof that he / she has followed 5-steps contained in the eBook.

Refunds that are approved will be sent in the same manner that it was paid. If it was paid via PayPal or Credit Card, the refund will be sent back to PayPal or to the Credit Card. If the payment was sent via remittance, the same applies. Refunds via remittance has transactions fees that will be deducted to the amount to be refunded.

* Online Business Secrets Masterclass (OBSMC) Refunds

The Online Business Secrets Masterclass offers a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee with conditions. The conditions include: (1) This is valid only for payments made via PayPal or Credit Card AND (2) that the student / member can show he / she implemented what is being taught. The student / member is allowed to attend up to two (2) sessions of the 8-Week Live Masterclass and after that, no refunds will be permitted.

If the student / member is not able to attend the LIVE Sessions, he/she can opt to watch the recordings or attend the LIVE sessions for the next batch.

* RAIDA Authentication Service Charge Refunds

The RAIDA Authentication Service Charge has a 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee provided that the buyer / customer can show proof that our digital service is not really working.

Refunds that are approved will be sent in the same manner that it was paid. If it was paid via PayPal or Credit Card, the refund will be sent back to PayPal or to the Credit Card. If the payment was sent via remittance, the same applies. Refunds via remittance has transactions fees that will be deducted to the amount to be refunded.

We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products. We’ll refund once we receive back the digital products (RAIDA Authentication Service Charge) from the customers.

Important Cancellation Information

How To Cancel Your Membership

If the member no longer wishes to renew their subscription, it is the member's responsibility to cancel their account by logging in to their PayPal account and cancelling their subscription.

Alternatively, they can send a cancellation request to support@ifelconsulting.com with the subject line: "Cancel Request" and send the request at least 3 days before the account expires to give us enough time to cancel the PayPal / Credit Card subscription.

Example: A member registers for the Online Business Secrets Toolkit (P14,997) on July 25, 2017 at 8:00AM and pays using PayPal or Credit Card. He/She will be added on a subscription wherein the PayPal / Credit Card will be automatically charged P14,997 again at exactly July 25, 2018 (the following year) at 8:00AM unless cancelled prior.

It may take up to 3 business days for your cancellation request to be approved. Please send your requests 3 days prior to your yearly membership date to prevent being charged for the succeeding year.

When you send us an email about your cancellation request, it would be very helpful to us if you'd also tell us why you're requesting a cancellation.

Although, this is NOT required, and we won't use this information to try and "sell" you something else.

But we do take feedback seriously, and it really does help us make better products and improve our sales process. We want every customer to be satisfied!